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Almost slipping by unnoticed in the flurry of projects this year, we’ve needed to pause and reflect on how 2017 officially marks 15 years since Absafe has been in operation. As a contractor in the field of specialist access and remedial engineering, we’ve borne witness to a number of industry changes over the years and proud to have actively contributed to that innovation and progress.


Absafe founder and director Andy Caddy became involved in what was then only an emerging rope access Industry in Melbourne in the mid-nineties. By 1996 he had established his own business carrying out rope access works in Melbourne and recognised its potential to grow and become the preferred method of performing height-based or confined space remedial engineering across commercial property, industrial structures, and everything in between.

From its rudimentary beginnings where rope access workers were primarily from a rock climbing or mountaineering background, he has seen the industry grow to a level where most access workers are now trade or professional-based. They supply full asset integrity and maintenance works across a broad range of industries, with access companies regularly performing multi-million dollar projects. Along the way he has become a registered builder and advanced rigger, completed a diploma of Building Construction and certificate 4’s in both construction and OHS.

Andy developed a business model and trade-qualified team capable of setting a benchmark in specialist access remedial engineering. Towards this goal, accreditation by the only globally recognised rope access association – Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) was the next step to ensure Absafe lived up to its moniker and set a standard for safety in the field of industrial abseiling that could stand up to the toughest of scrutiny.


To this day, our unfailing commitment to safety and quality remains a key differentiation from our competitors and is precisely the reason we have earned the privilege of tackling large-scale projects across Australia requiring innovative access solutions whilst offering comprehensive risk mitigation. Absafe’s list of highlights is extensive, but a few accomplishments stand out in particular.

Our enduring relationship with Hazelwood Power Station consolidated our reputation to service the power generation sector and build our presence in the Latrobe Valley area. This partnership has provided a bevy of work including concrete repairs and corrosion mitigation on chimney stacks since 2015 that continues today in our involvement with its decommissioning plan over the next 5 years. Hazelwood was also the setting for our pioneering shotcreting methods in which we executed repairs at a height of 150m; the first of its kind.

Proving that we can overcome the toughest height access obstacles, our helicopter rigging and gantry installation on a cooling tower at Yallourn Power Station was a mammoth undertaking. Through our partnership with Jayrow helicopter services, it was testament to how Absafe can mobilise resources quickly and efficiently to execute a height access plan geared to the needs of a client, no matter how ‘extreme’.

2015 saw the opening of our retail division aimed at delivering professional equipment solutions by the people who know it best. Supported by an ecommerce platform and an interactive showroom, Absafe now provides expert advice and world-class equipment solutions to meet even the most rigorous demands in the field.

Not one to rest on our laurels, we were honoured to officially earn ISO accreditation in 2016, certified to ISO 9001, AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14001 for Quality, Safety and Environment. A year in the making, it has enabled us to improve processes and compliance to meet the needs of even the most discerning stakeholders.

And fresh in our memory is the most recent of Absafe’s achievements; the establishment of an in-house engineering consultancy of diagnostic engineers in May of this year. Intended to complement our remedial works but also to provide a standalone consultancy service, it allows for expansion into the field of full diagnostics engineering and development of our project capacity.

The Future

Absafe’s future is bright and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our past and current clients that have contributed to Absafe’s success and longevity by entrusting us with their assets. We have amassed a number of brand advocates for whom we are truly grateful in spreading the Absafe legacy.

We have a number of exciting developments and announcements in the works that will unfold over the next few weeks and months, so watch this space. We’re looking forward to seeing what the next 15 years holds by staying at the forefront of our industry, continuing to strengthen the relationship with our existing stakeholders and welcoming new clients on board.

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