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  • Cardox

    Australian Distributor for ATD Cardox Pressurised CO2 blasting systems

    Cardox is a pressurised CO2 blasting system designed to clear blockages in a wide range of bulk material process systems.

    In Cement and other manufacturing plants, the Cardox CO2 System is the most efficient and cost effective method of clearing build-up and blockages in preheaters, cyclones, inlet chambers, riser ducts, feed pipes, rotary kilns, raw feed mills, precalciners, coolers and anywhere in the plant’s processing line.

    Absafe is unique in that we can place Cardox in areas such as internal silos etc. without the need for the installation of ports to facilitate emergency clearance operations of most dry bulk materials.

    Utilising our confined space expertise we can safely access most areas to drill and plant the Cardox units with optimum results.

    Cardox is classed as non-explosive

    •       No special permits for transport or storage
    •       Safe in gaseous mines
    •       Dramatic reduction in coal fines/dust
    •       No shock waves or vibration

    Cardox tubes are filled with liquid carbon dioxide (exactly the same as a fire extinguisher). When energised by the application of a small electrical charge, the chemical heater instantly converts the liquid carbon dioxide to a gas. This conversion expands the CO2 volume and builds up pressure inside the tube until it causes the rupture disc at the end of the tube to burst. This releases the C02 - now 660 times the original volume - through a special discharge nozzle to create a powerful heaving force, at pressures up to 40,000 psi (3,000 bar). This all takes place in milliseconds.

    Carbon dioxide gas is an inert gas that is commonly used in fire extinguishers, so it is safe to use without fear of generating secondary reaction with gases in the vessel / silo. In addition, the quick release of the gas refrigerates the discharge, bringing it to a temperature low enough to avoid ignition of any air-gas mixture inside the blocked vessel.

    Used by all the major cement manufacturers, Cardox is widely recognised as the most efficient, reliable and cost effective method of clearing build-ups and blockages in pre-heaters, cyclones, cooler areas & rotary kilns.

    Cardox can quickly remove build-ups and restore plant production to optimum levels.

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  • Cardox
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