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  • Remedial Engineering & Maintenance

    Accessing difficult sites is just the start. Once there, we can repair and maintain all types of plant and machinery and make safe all structures and façades. Whatever your problem, we have the experience and the equipment to deliver the whole solution.

    Façade Refurbishment

    Absafe cover all aspects of external refurbishment from repairs to coatings. We respond quickly to remove unsafe or dislodged materials from your building façade, and arrange for gantries, scaffolds, booms and all permits.

    We repair or install downpipes, rain heads, or flashings that plumbers can’t reach. We also fabricate parts so you are only dealing with one contractor. When highly specialised tradesmen are needed, we can set up specialised rigging and temporary safety lines for other contractors.

    Concrete Repair

    Absafe are experienced at repairing delamination, spalling and cracks in concrete wherever they appear, and performing core drilling wherever needed. We restore structural integrity to concrete walls, slabs and columns with crack injection, and we can boost structural performance with carbon fiber or composite upgrades.


    Rockfall meshing installation- We’re experts at adapting rockfall protection meshing to stabilise chimneys and concrete structures. In fact we pioneered it. When it comes to embankments and revetments, we also do top and bottom anchoring, surface scouring and traffic management.

    Contact us on +613 9486 3777.

  • Remedial Engineering
    • Maintenance and engineering
    • City building facade repairs

    • ISO
    • irata International
    • PCCP
    • ACRA
    • CIA Institute
    • Australian Corrosion Association