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Sky Climber was the first in the industry to promote Safety, Service and Solutions and continues in a leadership role using this focus as the cornerstones for growth and development into the future. As the most recognized name in the world of suspended access solutions Sky Climber® is a multi-national company, marketing and distributing products and services through a worldwide network of experienced dealers supported by factory engineers and technicians.

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What is Sky Climber?

A Sky Climber Swing Stage System is an investment that allows for unlimited configuration. It is suspended access that allows infrastructure workers to set up in any location where wire ropes can be hung, providing extremely flexible and efficient access to structures of any height.

Its modular design and articulation capabilities allow it to fit into all locations. As the Swing Stage requires fewer parts to access the same working area as a scaffold, it is considerably faster to install and a more cost-effective option for getting tradespersons exactly where needed.


Why Sky Climber?

Sky Climber swing stages are quicker and easier to set up than alternative systems like scaffolding, and has much greater reach and easier access to heights. Compared to standard swing stages, the modular design of Sky Climber allows different shapes and sizes of platform segments to fit together into any shape.

With a wide variety of angled and sized segments, Sky Climber can be tailored to a perfect fit to reach and work easily on any awkward job site.

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Our Experience?

Absafe is unique, in that as well as designing and installing permanent systems, we can place Cardox in areas such as internal silos by hand to facilitate emergency clearance operations of most dry bulk materials.

Utilising our rope access and confined space expertise we can safely access most areas to drill and plant the Cardox units with optimum results.

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How Absafe can Help

We can design, supply, and install swing stages and modular platforms to suit every access requirement.If you are having issues with access and need a quality replacement for scaffolding, we can help you in these steps:

Let’s Talk – We will work closely with you & your team to develop a custom design to suit your scope of work. From this collaborative process, we tailor your designs to meet the exact requirements for your job.

Concept – We utalise our in house Engineers to provide drawings of your conceptual plan

Install – Our installation process is second to none. From delivery to completion, we are extremely efficient and streamline the Sky Climber System into any working environment.

Training – Absafe will supply on-site training for the operation & installation of every Sky Climber Swing Stage. Once installed, our team can reattend site & ensure the correct operations of the product.

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