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  • Engineering Consultancy

    The success of Absafe’s remedial operations is contingent on our in-house, engineering division which provides a professional interface between stakeholder requirements and service delivery. Intended to complement our remedial works but also to provide a standalone service geared to the needs of our clients, it is stewarded by our team of esteemed engineers who ensure a smooth transition from conceptualisation to execution of all remedial projects. It is guided by our lead engineer and estimator Clive Austin, with Michael Cope, Steven Winkler & Dion Christian completing the ensemble. 


    Facade Inspection

    A comprehensive audit of the existing condition of a building facade is critical in obtaining the correct information from which to make educated decisions about the maintenance and preservation of the structure.

    Operating since 2002, and with 150+ years' combined experience, Absafe are equipped to undertake facade inspections with the utmost transparency and precision for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to:

    • Due diligence reports
    • Emergency/hazard assessment as it relates to public liability
    • Diagnosis of water leakages
    • General assessments of cladding fabrication and systems
    • Assessment of lifespan/longevity
    • Silicone glazing and coating inspections

    Absafe advocates a hands-on approach for all inspections and to that effect deploys a range of systems and equipment to assist with this, including IRATA (internationally recognised) industrial rope access techniques, swing stages, and unmanned aerial vehicles (aka ‘drones’).

    The results and recommendations gleaned from our facade inspections can be presented in a number of ways in accordance with our clients' needs, with customised reporting that facilitates your understanding and ensures stakeholder expectations are met.

    Absafe boasts a highly qualified and professional team with personnel available to address each element of façade inspection and repair. We take great care in allocating the appropriate staff relevant to your scope of work to get it done right the first time.



    Maintaining the safety and functionality of a building or structure is paramount, however this is easily jeopardised by the reality that many problems are difficult to diagnose. Any immediately visible ‘symptom’ doesn't necessarily tell the full story, plus a problem may not be isolated to one factor, but rather involve multiple, intersecting variables that further complicate matters. It’s Absafe's job to deconstruct the given scenario to reliably determine the primary source of the issue and identify any secondary causes that may be in the mix.

    Absafe takes a holistic and grounded approach to diagnostic engineering that is scaled to the size of the problem at hand. This means the level of detail and type of investigative techniques employed are carefully considered to ensure they are warranted and do not risk overstating or simplifying the problem.

    A commitment to being pragmatic and transparent allows us to then devise the most appropriate solutions aligned to the specific needs of our clients. Rigorous in our methodology, Absafe are always mindful of relevant liability and litigation factors, towards proactively addressing issues and safeguarding your interests. And our work consistently holds up to the toughest of scrutiny.

    Absafe houses a comprehensive and niche skillset amongst its personnel; each with specialist knowledge in their respective fields to cover the vast majority of building fabrications including concrete, stone, steel coatings, glazing, waterproof membranes, cladding and more.



    Following the outcome of Absafe’s diagnostic and investigation efforts, the next step is to devise and present a remediation plan and solution to our clients that facilitates their understanding towards an agreed scope of work. Informing this scope will be a detailed rendering of the applicable defects of the building/structure, which may include concrete spalling (aka ‘concrete cancer’), water permeation through roofing or facades, detached render and coatings, and otherwise damaged surface materials.

    Absafe has the capabilities to manage your remediation project from start to finish. This encompasses the design conceptualisation, organising supporting documentation, submitting to tender, and undertaking project management. The work scope may include one or more of the following methods: 

    • Concrete repair
    • Concrete coatings
    • Fortification of cladding (overcladding/recladding)
    • Façade stabilisation
    • Façade access system installation
    • Render/applied finish re-pinning, removal and replacement
    • Sealing of façade leakages
    • Roof membrane replacement

    Height Safety Systems & Other Applications

    Absafe specialises in designing safe access systems at heights and in difficult locations, whether it be rope access systems for elevated façade maintenance and repair, or overcoming access restrictions for confined space in plants and associated equipment.

    In our 15 year history, we have gained access to a number of very unique and challenging structures, including bridges, silos, boilers, power station towers, and manufacturing plants. We are experts in the design of load bearing steel structures plus their installation, plus designing and fabricating davits, custom anchors, winch supports, and the like. Furthermore, we have strong ties to the major component suppliers and can also offer assistance to other design professionals with the height safety components of their tenders.


    We're confident that we can complete your project using a more efficient and cost effective solution than
    other remedial engineering firms. Try us by getting in touch for a no-obligation discussion.

    Contact us on +613 9486 3777.
  • Engineering & Installation

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