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Rope Access

Absafe are IRATA Members. Industrial rope access has been developed by IRATA in the last 25 years to a point where it is the chosen means of access for much of the work in the offshore oil and gas industry as well as a range of projects in construction, civil engineering, the built and natural environment and much more. Its success is based on thorough training and strict work guidelines that deliver an unrivalled safe working record year after year.

Absafe has been an accredited member of IRATA from many years and are proud to be at the forefront of the industry.


The rope access technique developed by IRATA is used in a wide range of repair, maintenance, inspection and access work. Rope access methodology boasts an unrivalled safety record, short set-up and dismantling time, positive environmental benefits and removes the need for invasive access equipment or disruption to a worksite. We are extremely proud that the IRATA system of rope access continues to enjoy increasing popularity throughout the world.


IRATA International has a continuously evolving regime of work procedures that members are required to follow and which are monitored for compliance to ensure that a safe system of work is established and maintained. This sets IRATA International member companies apart from rope access companies that are not subject to such a rigorous monitoring, controls and IRATA’s robust Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS).

Our Safety Projects



Hazelwood, VIC

Structural Issues: Above top gantry gunnite shotcrete replacement of 140 metre chimney Delaminated and spalling concrete patches up to 44 square metre below top…



Melbourne, VIC

Structural Issues: The leading edge balcony I-beams were showing signs of rust. Investigations revealed a construction phase design fault. Scope of Work: Remediation of…

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