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Structural Issues: The leading edge balcony I-beams were showing signs of rust. Investigations revealed a construction phase design fault.

Scope of Work:

  • Remediation of the I-beams at the leading edge of most apartment’s balconies on the Garden & Grant Street tower apartments
  • Involved demolition and construction of screed and tiles
  • Use of waterproofing methods to prevent future damage
  • Re-painting all external painted surfaces; including steel handrails, I-beams, soffits & external walls

Benefits of Rope Access:

  • No internal access required – minimal tenant inconvenience
  • Safe and efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces the need for intrusive scaffolding (architecturally sympathetic)

Building facts:

  • Construction 2004
  • East and West tower both 23 stories / 80m high

Job facts:

  • 4 stages West tower, East Tower, Garden Tower & Grant Street apartments.
  • Two year project (for all 4 stages)
  • Custom engineered winches & davits used for materials handling.
  • Rope access used as an alternative to scaffolding, minimise tenant disturbance & access issues
  • Up to 20 workers on site at any one time
  • Full construction site set up in the building internal compound including site shed and construction compound

Quality and safety:

  • PCCP (Painting Contractors Certification Program) quality control and ITP’s (Inspection and Test Plan) used.
  • Extensive site records maintained
  • Extensive site records maintained
  • NACE inspection
  • Site inductions and daily safety briefs
  • Trade painters employed to undertake all painting works
  • IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) Certified technicians only
  • Weekly work schedules issued to Superintendent



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