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We are a multi-disciplined remedial engineering company specializing in height and difficult access. We provide a comprehensive range of remedial engineering services including consulting, contracting, and maintenance.

We design our work around the safety of our people.
We have built our reputation on carrying out difficult and potentially dangerous work through minimising and controlling potential risks.

Absafe is committed to the absolute safety of our personnel and others around us through maintaining and upholding the highest safety standards and providing training and supervision to our employees. We follow all legislative requirements as well as adhering to current best practices through access to standards and compliance codes. We also combine this with the best safety equipment available as well as constant review of procedures.

Absafe services - Maintenance & Repair

Absafe is a specialist contractor that provides, repair and maintenance to all forms of the built environment. Our Forte is difficult to access- Height, Confined Space or Extreme Conditions. Highly Experienced. Triple Accredited and Award Winning.

We are highly experienced shutdown specialists and can provide turnkey solutions for fast turnaround engineering inspections and remedial engineering works.
Absafe has a proven history of projects within the industrial sector such as Chimney Stacks, Cement Silos, Cooling Towers, Power Stations, Boiler ducts, Transmission towers, etc.

In the water industry, we excel on Dams, Spillways, Storage Tanks, Gates, and in Civil Infrastructure we have a long list of Facades Bridges, and Towers to our name.

We specialise in all forms of concrete remediation. Trained and experienced in providing perfect warranted repairs

Absafe Services - Concrete Repair
Absafe Services - Protectiver Coatings

Protective Coatings

PCCP Class 5 and 6 for hazardous coatings removal.

Industrial , Commercial.

Environmental encapsulation specialists




We specialise in working at height, confined spaces and other difficult access situations. Absafe’s experience managing complex works in challenging environments is the key in our delivering innovative solutions for all manner of engineering projects and façade and structural works.

Absafe Services - Specialist Access
Absafe Services - Silo Cleaning

Absafe are experts in removing large build ups of bulk material, welding, & repairs. 24-hour work teams, a specialised team of Diagnostic and Remedial Engineers, a Materials Scientist, and the full suite of engineering expertise to call on!