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Absafe’s projects have long benefited from the guidance of our in-house engineer Clive Austin, and in response to the high demand for the engineering and inspection side of the business, it is with great excitement that we announce our new, dedicated engineering consultancy.

Helping make this vision a reality are the newest three recruits to the Absafe team who will join Clive in delivering a world class engineering service; Michael Cope, Steven Winkler & Dion Christian. Remedial/Diagnostics and IRATA qualified, each of them are accomplished engineers in their own right and bring with them specialisations that consolidate Absafe’s already robust skill-set.

Michael Cope is a Senior Diagnostic and Remedial Engineer with additional qualifications as a Materials Scientist. Michael‘s area of expertise is the design and implementation of concrete repair works and corrosion protection, having been responsible for numerous durability design and maintenance strategies in Australia and abroad. He holds an impressive 25 years’ experience in the field and offers Absafe a wealth of technical knowledge.

Steven Winkler is a Diagnostic & Remedial Engineer with 7+ years’ experience in the areas of structural and façade engineering. His specialisation is the remediation of building structures within Australia and he has contributed to many large-scale projects for which he’s earned the role of lead engineer. Adept at inspection, design, tendering and working in a supervisory capacity, Steven brings a valuable and versatile skillset to Absafe’s operations.

Dion Christian is a diagnostic and remedial engineer with solid foundations in building design and construction. Expertly harnessing rope access methods for detailed inspection and repairs, Dion is equipped with first-hand knowledge to devise practical solutions to problematic structures and identify emerging risks. It affords him a valuable blend of practical and theoretical engineering expertise to benefit Absafe’s clients and projects.

Michael, Steven & Dion’s involvement will allow us to complement our remedial works on a larger scale, but will also give our existing and prospective clients the freedom of enlisting a standalone consulting service. It signals the next phase for Absafe in expanding its deliverables to full engineering diagnostics, and will ensure a larger project capacity.

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