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Wagners Cement

Work description:

The Absafe Cardox team was engaged to assist in the clearance of both the Gypsum tank & Vertical Mill Inlet Shute at the Wagners cement plant. As Wagners have never used the cCrdox system, Absafe staff assisted in the placement & installation of new external Cardox ports to the existing plant in key locations to make sure each of the blockages was effectively removed. We then conducted trial blasts to verify the efficacy of the system.

Notable fact:

Due to the restricted space and working room around Vertical Mill Inlet Shute’s, build-up cleaning is often performed by multiple staff with jackhammers and hammer-drills with extension bars. By using cardox in these confined areas, cleaning build-up becomes a much less physically demanding task and can also be performed while the vertical Shute is in operation.

Wagners has since ordered a complete ATD Cardox system for their operations