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Scope of Work:

  • Removal and disposal of all fixed positioned combustible alucobond panels across the buildings northern, eastern and southern facades
  • Removal and disposal of all combustible alucobond panels along the Swanston street awning soffit and IBIS hotel entrance and replaced with new mondoclad panels to meet AS
  • Full façade cleaning and installation of a 3 coat paint system on northern, eastern and southern facades
  • Prepare structural and waterproofing report as per building permit requirements

Benefits of Rope Access:

  • Quick and easy access to all facades of building
  • Eliminates need for expensive scaffolding systems
  • Mobilisation is quick with little set up time involved
  • The use of rope access hauling systems minimizes manual handling tasks

Building facts:

  • Building consists of modern pre-cast profiled and non-profiled panels
  • Resides within Melbourne’s university precinct
  • Consists of 8 levels, top three belonging to the residential market and lower levels branded as the IBIS hotel chain

Job facts:

  • Removal works of the combustible panels were greenlighted upon testing conducted and proven that panels were defective
  • Works were completed within timeframe including variations to the project and on budget

Quality, Safety & Environment:

  • Temporary scaffold system erected below the buildings awning system for public protection and soffit access
  • Absafe rope access technicians were trained in electrical spotting to assist in the protection of Yarra tram overhead assets
  • Site auditing conducted regularly as part of Absafe’s triple ISO certificates in quality, safety and environment systems



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